Monday, June 4, 2012

Life Lately (in pictures)

Yay for summer.....but life is busy! I'm seriously thinking about throwing a taxi sign on the ol' van because sometimes that's what I feel like. Nate is keeping me going with summer football practice and games. We're gearing up for VBS at church...I'm trying to get Abby to the weekly play date since she loves her little friends so much. We are also trying to have FUN this summer as a family. It can be really hard to sneak it all in. So, I'm sorry I haven't had much time to update the ol' blog, but here are a few pictures of whats been going on in our lives lately...

Abby ready to spend the day by the pool. I love that if I have my hat and cover up on....she has to have hers on too. Its cute to see her mimic me so much...and a great reminder to watch what I say! She doesn't miss anything! : /

Sweet afternoon naps outside! Love these!!

I harvested my carrots out of the garden this weekend! Ignore my mess in the started storming on me so I had to wash everything in the sink...I had grass/dirt EVERYWHERE!

Nate has definitely gotten to the age of being too cool for....everything! I'm so thankful he still has these playful moments of just being a kid! He's growing up so makes me want to push the pause button. He's also such a great big brother. ...even though as I speak type he is yelling at her to be quite so he can hear his movie...he really does love her and she thinks he hung the moon...even when he's yelling! ;)

Loving the cupcakes at a sweet friends birthday party!

My clock this morning as I was dropping Nate off at football practice. Didn't exactly see my summer morning starting at 5:45a three days a week...but thankful I have the time off to be able to shuttle him around this summer. Of course this is the first day of football from 2-4p...and baseball from 6-8p. After I get a few days like this one under my belt I may be begging to go back to work! ;)

My dad and I took the kids fishing this weekend. It was a beautiful day and Abby even managed to catch her first fish..with a little lot of help from my dad. I have such great memories of going fishing my grandad. I hope she's as close to her Papa as I was to mine.

That's all I've got for now...gotta go make lunch...get Abby a nap...and Nate off to basketball! Busy, busy....but I LOVE it! :)

What have you been up to lately?

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vanessa said...

Wow y'all are busy busy! I can't believe how much Abby has grown. She is so cute and has the prettiest hair. I think it is time for a new life jacket for Nate :). Hope yall have a great summer!